Variations in types of fur Don Sphynx

Note: The fur and hair that cover the body of a Don Sphynx is very unstable and may change with time. It depends on the time of year and on the hormonal status of the animal.


“Proper naked“. These animals are like rubber to the touch,
sticky.  They have no whiskers. E
xtremely rare. Never, under any circumstances, do they have any hair e.g. LanaIMG_6658

Naked “undressing”. These cats are like the rubber to the touch,
sticky. Unlike the “proper naked” may have whiskers e.g. Bolero, Alex, Axel, Aston



Subtle flock. Evenly spaced microhairs up to 0.1 cm cover the the body. The animal gives the impression of naked, but feels like micro wool to the touch e.g. GalaxyLena



Light flock. Small thin micro-hairs to 0.2 cm. cover the body. Longer hairs on the feet, may have whiskers e.g. Vivien


Velours-point.  The body is like light velour or flock to the touch. Paws and muzzle may be covered with thick, short, soft fur up to 0.4 cm.

Velours  down. The body is covered with soft fur up to 0.4 mm. Long soft, twisted hair on the chest, behind the ears, legs, hips, tail.
Note: One of the more “changing” variations (see note on Don Sphynx fur). e.g. Anton



Brushvelours. The body is covered with short, thick, rare, hard hair up to 0.5 cm. Spots with no hair may be found on the back, sides, neck. e.g. Kiona


Brush-point. The body is like light velour or flock. Paws, muzzle, tail are covered with dense thick crimped short (as in Rex) or straight bristly hair.

Brush thick All over the body there is a thick bristly coat (the skin is practically not visible). Chest, legs, hips, tail may be covered with long hard thick fur. Bushy tail.”