We are small private cattery located in Stockholm, Sweden.
Our cattery is registered in JKK club, Swedish registry SVERAK and internationally in FIFE.

We got Vivien, our first cat in 2011. She immediately stole our hearts with her quirky look, playful personality, and gentle sunny  disposition. The  family grew and 4 years later we found ourselves with 3 more cats, professionally running a cattery.

We love and adore every naked tail in our care. Don Sphynx cats are recognised as the friendliest and most affectionate of all cat breeds, and our goal as breeders is to pass on these lovely personality traits.

All our cats are healthy and purebred, with distinguishable looks according to the original (old style) Don Sphynx body type.

All our cats have ID-chip, breed certificate and up to date vaccinations.We are preparing to take part in Swedish and European cat shows soon.

We are sometimes able to offer kittens for sale; prices will vary based on the intent of purchase (show class, breed class or pet class). This website contains all information about kitten availability. We can arrange for worldwide delivery.

Our male cats are not available for mating for the needs of other catteries and we limit sales of kittens to other catteries.