FIFE Race Standard

Don Sphynx breed is in the category 4 (after 01.01.2016)

General Appearance The Don Sphynx is a solid cat, soft and warm to the touch. The specific feature of this breed is hairlessness.
Size Medium.Males are significantly larger than females.
 Head  Shape Wedge shaped, slightly longer than broad, with prominent eye brows.
 Forehead Flat
 Cheeks Prominent cheekbones
 Nose Medium long and straight, with a definite curve to the forehead.
 Muzzle Well defined, of medium length, slightly rounded, with a slight whisker break -“pinch”.
 Jaws, chin Well – developed jaws, strong chin.
 Whiskers Curly, thick, of any length, maybe broken off.
 Ears  Shape Large, ring to rounded tips. The inside is totally hairless
Set high on the head, slightly tilted forward, held alert. Outer edges of the ears continue the lines of the head. The distance between the ears to be no more than one ear width.
 Eyes Shape Almond -shaped, slightly slanting upwards, medium in size and open, alert expression.
Colour Bright, pure and clear; corresponding to the skin or coat colour.
 Neck Of medium length, very strong and muscled, rounded in shape. Powerful, especially in males.
 Body  Structure Medium long, medium strong and muscular. Broad rounded chest, strong, solid shoulders and back, broad hips.
 Legs Medium long, medium strong in proportion to the body, hind legs longer than front legs.
 Paws Oval with long, prominent toes – “monkey fingers”.
 Tail Slender, broader at base and tapering to the tip. Length in proportion to body. The tip of the tail may be covered with soft, dense, close lying, slightly curlu coat.
Coat and skin Skin and wrinkles Elastic, well wrinkled on the head, neck, legs and on the belly. Wrinkles desirable especially around the muzzle, between the ears and around the shoulders, although wrinkling should not be so pronounced that it affects the cat’s normal functions. Short harsh hair on the muzzle, ears and legs may occur. The tail may be covered with single hairs. In young cats the muzzle may be covered with short thin fur. Complete hairlessness is preferred
Hairless  Appears hairless.
 Flock Residual flock hair with no more than 2 mm length on the whole body.
 Brush Fine wavy, often wire hair on the whole body, with bold areas on the head, upper part of neck or on the back of more than 2 mm in length.
 Colour All colour varieties and patterns are permitted, including those with white. Any amount of white is permitted. For colour varieties refer to the tables below.

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